The Voice Doctor is in the HOUSE!


elcome to where Marcia D. Bennett a.k.a. “BennettMD” will “bring your copy to life”. Her forte mainly lies in voicing those sweet, younger and/or adorable voices from the 4 year old child-to tweens-to even teenagers. Marcia is also able to mimic the opposite gender of a 6 year to a 14 year old boy. However, if you seek that quirky adult type character, Marcia can voice that too.

Trained and educated in her field, Marcia is specialized in what she does. So whether you are looking for voiceover for a commercial or animation piece, Marcia has your voice. For example, Marcia’s training includes the likes of Second City Improv, Cartoon and Animation Workshops, the Videogame Webinar, and even acting class. To learn more about of Marcia’s qualifications, please click on the link below to access her RESUME:

….AND to HEAR her in action within her most recent works, please click on the following links:

Monarch's Mission/Interactive Game

*Voiceover - 3 Characters (Male Captain, Female Captain + Alien/Rini)

Voice matching and/or impressions are definitely no stranger to Marcia. Bart Simpson, Ralph Wiggum, or even Caillou are all characters which Marcia has impersonated.

All in all, Marcia can offer you the following:

  • An energetic, friendly, and cheerful persona for your reads and/or your voice directing experience
  • Professionalism, integrity, and an excellent sense of ethics
  • A genuine, authentic sounding child/kid’s voice inside the body of an ADULT which means you can have her in the studio for more than 4 hours, if needed
  • The ability to take direction and to remain composed and flexible during an audition or a recording session
  • An unique voice suiting younger audiences or children features such as animation pieces or commercials
  • The ability to SELF market and promote through social media to help bring YOU business and potential clients (applicable to talent agencies)
  • Ability to SING “kid”: I can actually carry musical notes as genuinely as a young child

Let BennettMD, communicate YOUR vision through HER voice by doing business with her. Hire her for your next voiceover project today!